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Quick Facts


One of the largest independent and privately held market research data collection companies


Serving more than half of the "Honomichl 50" companies

Facts & Figures

  • Over 50 full time employees, 1000 professional interviewers and 20 programmers
  • 2,000,000 healthcare panelists & 550,000 consumer panelists
  • 300 CATI equipped stations
  • Single Channel & Multi Channel Data Collection Integration
  • Fifty languages spoken
More About Universal…
  • We're the only survey data collection firm aligned by industry and sector
  • We're resource savvy with a Global Healthcare Network and Panel, a consumer and B2B Panel, and the ability to conduct interviews and surveys in 50 different languages
  • We're flexible, conducting interviews via a multitude of different outlets: telephone, web, smart phones, tablet computers, as well as integrating modes
  • We're technologically advanced, having the best hardware and software available on the market to provide the most efficient and up to date data collection results
  • We have a warm and caring staff- Awards, creativity and unprecedented service